Convert a website/web appliction in a mobile app


I am new to ionic. How to convert an already built in website into a mobile app in all platforms using ionic. Is there any documentation available?

Follow the steps for creating mobile application using cordova/ionic and replace the www folder of your app with the wet site folder and it will work.

what if the website is a wordpress site?

Use cordova plugin called InAppBrowser

But how to communicate between the website (inappbrowser) and the native ionic code ?

Exemple, if i had a script in the website showing an alert message, how to convert the alert into a notification ???

As sounds in the above text, I need to convert the ionic mobile app into website , need to know the possibilities of that , If any one know , please let me know, please list out the changes i need to do …
Thanks in advance…

That depends on how you website is built and why you want to convert it to an app