Convert App to Browser website

Hi, i’ve done an app
my question is: is possible to make a website with all ionic layout using already existing files?
i’d like to create a website same as the ionic serve layout on browser

my app uses a mySqlDB on XAMPP, so in the app there are http requests on “localhost/my_folder/api/…”

i tried to ionic cordova build browser --prod and move the entire www folder, but no results…only a blank page…
.how can i do it?
thanks :slight_smile:

Ya it is possible, make as PWA.

do i need to use Firebase? can i do it without using Firebase?

my “website” has to run on Xampp or my web server

Try looking for frameworkless usage of ionic aka using ionic with javascript Only

Just add library with script tag

Likely to be closest to your current setup with the ionic ii goodies