Starting an Ionic 1 application project


We’re building an Ionic app for our company and are already deep in the process of an Ionic 2/3 app, but we’ve decided to make an Ionic 1 (with AngularJS) version as a backup in case the Ionic 3 one is too buggy/unstable. There are reasons for this which for brevity I’ll not include here.

Does anyone have any advice? It’s been a while since I played with Ionic 1 - do I have to type ‘–v1’ at the end now when starting a project? I’m not sure how up-to-date the v1 docs are (understandably, as we’re at Ionic 3 stage now). Also, best to use Ionic 1 with AngularJS still?

Any advice would be great.


Advice including perhaps which would be the most stable version of Ionic. There are things we’re waiting for in the milestones and then we’ll keep going with the Ionic 3 project



Thanks @Sujan12, I’ve got it going, but we would still love to hear some experienced Ionic developers’ advice on whether an Ionic 1 application can still be put into production and is stable. Is it too much hassle now or still viable?

We have thousands of messages/comments on our web app which we would like to use virtual scroll with, something that’s not possible right now (severe overlapping issue ), as well as some other things which have had some unpredictable behaviour on iOS and Android (keyboard input in slides for our login).

Hopefully these things will be fixed soon - and we’re fully behind the Ionic project - but at the same time need to get something out fast which works. Then we can hopefully bring the Ionic 3 app into play when stable.