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Sorry I haven’t been active for a while and haven’t done much other than Ionic vs 1… I found this great and was enjoying learning and integrating plugins through the marketplace and really began starting to get somewhere…

Can I just ask is developing in vs 1 still a viable option to create apps as I see its well supported through the marketplace…?. or can someone advise what version should I start developing with now… vs 2 or vs 3… ?

Is it now worth doing 2 when 3 is now live ? its infuriating having to start from scratch again… so I assume 3 would be the best jump…

I have searched the forum… and I would just appreciate opinion from fellow developers so I don’t waste time to ensure clients will be going in the right direction…

Thank you for any guidance or platform recommendations

Unless you already have a significant code base: Go with the most recent version.

If you have to start a blank project and have no time/cost pressure aka if you are a bit flexible I would definitely advice to go for the the recent version (right now 3.9.2)

Ok it gonna takes a bit of time to learn (again) Ionic and Angular (v5) but it really deserve the prize in my point of view. Doing so you are looking for the future and also will enjoy better performance of your app on devices (faster behavior, I could compare it with my app, I began with Ionic v1 before migrating to V2 beta 6).

But again, my point of view

I think it’s a bad idea. Ionic 4 is just around the corner. Why use a framework that is barely supported?

Ionic is now using semver, so there’s “no” difference between Ionic 2 and 3, except Ionic 3 has fewer bugs. It makes more sense to use Ionic 1 than it does to use Ionic 2.

If you already know a reactive framework, like Ember, and you don’t want to learn Angular, you might be best served waiting for Ionic 4. But if you don’t know any reactive framework yet, Angular is a good one to learn, so it would be worth starting with Ionic right away.

Thanks all, I just revisited my ionic install and updated the latest modules of gulp etc… What I didn’t read was one of the modules had a major update and may break the framework if working with Ionic version 1… so with that being done I may just aswell look into start creating in Ionic 3 and go with the times.

What I liked about Ionic 1 was the support for adding features through the market place. Looks like its new books, training vids et al all over again…

Thank you for your replies,

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