Angular 2.0 and Ionic 2.0


Starting a project now, worth waiting for it or should i just go for ionic 1.0??

what is the expected date to it come out?


No date is set in stone, and ionic1 will still be around while 2.0 is being developed. So go ahead and use 1X for the time being.


Would it be possible to start working with an alpha version 2 of Ionic right now, accepting the fact that it might not be supported at all until later? I have a project I’d like to get started using Angular 2, which probably won’t need to go live for several months. It would be great to have the basics of Ionic 2 and Angular 2 set up as soon as I can.


Not at the moment, we’re still hard at work getting ionic 2 to alpha so we can’t show anything ATM


Thanks for your quick response! Looking forward to the release. I’ve been a developer for 32 years, and don’t mind working with alphas, so if you’re looking for early adopters please keep me in mind!


Also interested in Ionic 2. We have an A1 app looking to add mobile. Testing A2 now so would only be interested in I2.