SplashScreen low resolution on android tablet

Hi everyone!

I’ve been struggling to make my splash screen to look nice on my android tablet (samsung SM-T530).

I created the 2208x2208 image and using ionic resources all the images were generated as expected.

The splash screen looks nice on my ios devices and on my android phone (Moto G).

I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue while using android tablets because I spent a lot of time trying to solving it but nothing worked so far. :frowning:

Thanks a lot!

+1 issue here on Samsung Tab3

I have the same problem, i found some kind of “work around” that corrected it.

When you are using ionic resources a lot of images are being created for different screen resolutions, they are being created in resources/android/splash and what i have done is to copy the file drawable-land-xhdpi-screen.png and make a copy calling it drawable-land-mdpi-screen.png (replacing the file), this will create a higher resolution image for the mdpi profile(i think tablets are using this splash screen).


WOW, cool!! thanks for replying to this question, might be useful to someone else.

See ya!

Yes, this was definitely useful. Had to do this with Ionic 2 RC2.

I wonder why the Ionic team hasn’t addressed this – weird that tablets would pull the mdpi profile, which is a really crappy 320x240 when generated by the CLI!!! Seems like an oversight and I’m surprised I haven’t seen more talk about it.


Changing mdpi image to xhdpi (or higher resolution) worked!! Thanks.

First time I saw this issue was on a Samsung tablet as well. Anyone seen it on a non Samsung tab?

Ok so not just Samsung. I’ve replicated the issue using a generic AVD with same resolution as a Samsung tab 3 (600 x 1024 pixels)

Doesn’t effect a Nexus 7 (960dp × 600dp), so definitely not effecting all Android Tablets.

thanks, i tried this and it worked on the samsung tablet. now my splash screen is crispy sharp

steps i took >>>

  1. duplicate the file:

  2. and rename the duplicate to:

  3. run the following command to update the files in android:
    ionic build android

The problem still exists (but I think it’s a cordova or Android problem more than a Ionic one) and I had a problem with this solution since the xhdpi splashscreen was cropped on my tablet (and my title was cut)

So what I did instead of step1 was edit drawable-land-xhdpi-screen.png to make one of size 720 x 1080 that I named drawable-land-mdpi-screen.png and it’s now ok.
Hope this can help.