Blurry splash screen on tablet

i have the following problem:
the splash screen of my ionic project is a little bit blurry. first i didnt see it, my project leader saw it and i didnt beleave it first. but then i added some code to show the same picture after splash screen as normal fullscreen image. u can really see the difference. the normal fullscreen image is really sharp, it looks like there is a extra transparent layer over the splash screen.
i’m sure i use the correct file. i tested it on 2 different tablets, same result. the weird thing is on my Samsung S6 it looks sharp, so the problem just seems to be on tablet.

additional information:
i created the splash screen first with ionic resource from an ai file. then i figured out that on the tablet its just using the xhdpi file, although the tablet has a really high resolution. i thought maybe this is the reason for the blurry screen, but i also tried to use the xxxhdpi file and later i created a splash screen in exact the resolution of the tablet…but its still blurry.
so im sure its not the file, and its not the device. what else could be the reason?

i’m using cordova-plugin-splashscreen first in version 2.0 now the newest: 3.0. But no difference. in the change log of the plugin is written that FadeSplashScreen was not working before. its still not working for me. so i’m unsure if the plugin is working correctly in my project.

Did you also add it to config.xml or any other configuration? If so, how exactly?

in my config i use it with

splash src=“resources\android\splash\drawable-land-xxxxhdpi-screen.png” density=“land-xxxhdpi”
splash src=“resources\android\splash\drawable-port-xxxhdpi-screen.png” density=“port-xxxhdpi”

i made 2 screenshots from my tablet. the one with blue is the splash screen, the one with black at top is a fullscreen image after the app is loaded. u can clearly see the difference. the splash screen is not sharp

Googling for density="land-xxxhdpi" you are not the only one having this issue:

What resolution is the resources\android\splash\drawable-land-xxxxhdpi-screen.png file? And you are definitely displaying this picture in both screens? (Maybe write “TEST” in big red letters on it to make sure it doesn’t use another file by accident…)

as i said. i tested it with different resolutions. in this example i made a file in 2560x1600. its the resolution of the tablet. I already did what u said, i draw on each version of the picture the resolution to be sure which one is shown. by dafault it was shown the xhdpi file. after i deleted the code in the config for the other dpi’s its showing the xxxhdpi. in this example i named my picture with higher resolution xxxxhdpi. but anyway. the resolution ist not the problem. its always blurred.

Just to make sure: So you already tested and made sure that the exact same picture is shown in the splash screen and later manually. Just one time it is blurry, one time it is fine. Correct?

Did you compare the two screenshots - Is there any transforming, cropping or anything like that going on with the splash screen that could cause the blurring? Or are they really pixel by pixel identical but for the blurring?

its a copy of the same picture. the splash screen that is shown is in /platforms/android/res/drawable-land-xxxhdpi/
i copied this picture inside my www folder and i show it when the app finished loading.
i’m 100% sure its not about the picture. I tested a lot.

i uploaded both screenshots from tablet. u can see the difference if u open both each in an own tab and u change between this tabs. there is no difference in size or anything. just one time a little bit blurred, and one time its completely sharp.

I’ve got the exact same problem. Any updates so far?

I have the same prob !! any solution for this prob !

any solution for this problem

sorry for late reply :smiley:
that time i could NOT fix the problem.
But later in an other project it seems that i didn’t had the problem, maybe because of newer ionic version or so. I can not say for sure.

Instead of using the <splash tag I used a custom theme and drawable for my splash screen. Not blurry for me anymore! :smiley:

I wrote a guide for a similar question on stackoverflow, please take a look!
(It’s probably not as intimidating as it looks on first glance. But it sure took me a long time to arrive at the solution, so somebody else better get to use it too!)