Splashscreens for Samsung tablet 10.1"

Just a tip for all about splashscreens:

Although the Samsung tablet has pixel size 1280 x 800 px it don’t use hdpi or even xhdpi image for the splashscreens. I put the splashscreen with 1280 x 800 px in the mdi directories of res. Now the tablet displays a perfect sharp splashscreen.

@pcr Thank you I was wondering why my splash screen looked so bad on my galaxy note 10.1

Do you know if this breaks anything elsewhere?

I don’t know. I have a deadline so I’m glad a have a crispy splashscreen. If I have more time I will investigate about this.

Same problem with Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

In Ionic blog you can find an article about generate all splashscreen and all icons for ios and android with the Ionic Cli From one big master splasscreen and one master icon. Maybe this tool now generate all proper images. Even for your device.

I generate splash screen with this tool 'ionic resources` and the problem is always here.

I think this is related of Galaxy Tab.

please look at de dimensions of the splashscreen in your res/mdi folder. Should be 1200 by 800 px

All file have the right dimension. (ldpi to xxxhdpi)
But app use mdpi format instead of greater format