Speech Recognition Plugin- Preventing Popup

I’m trying to use the speech recognition plugin in my app, but I would like to start recording what I say without the microphone popup from the device saying “speak now”, but just keep the original background of the app.

This is what I used (as per the plug-in’s github page):

this.speechRecognition.startListening({ language: ‘fr-FR’ , showPopup: false})

However, I found that popup is required as it also used to connect to the network, without the popup, it reported network error (on android device).

In short, I was extremely disappointed in the plugin and stopped using it.

Let me know if you get it working!

I did precisely what you wrote and got it working. Thanks!

Was it on Apple or Android?

I tested it on Android.

OK thanks I am happy you got it to work - I guess I am going to have to do a bit of digging!