Speech Recognition Plugin Ionic


Does anybody knows if there is a way or a workaround to force the Speech Recognition Native plugin implement the Speech API of Google instead the Speech APIs of Apple’s servers on IOs devices?

I am working ionic v2.2.3 and it is required only implement only google services.

you can check plugins here Native APIs - Build Open-Source Native Application Experiences , is this you are looking for ?
Cordova Speech Recognition Plugin for iOS/Android Devices

Thanks, I used this plugin, but in IOs devices I don’t want to use the Apple’s servers to speech recognition, I would like to always use the Google Speech Recognition API (even if the app is working in IOs devices).

I am not aware of a plugin that uses GS apis on iOS. I took a quick look - it seems Google exposes cloud APIs using which you can upload audio files. You could try using the MediaCapture plugin to record audio and then using an HTTPS post with auth to get a response from Google on the parsed text. Note however this approach requires setting up a billing acct and is not free, unlike using google speech services api in an android device, which is free (and is probably going to be kept that way as an incentive to switch to an android device unless google has a change of heart :slight_smile: )

Very good explanation. I guess the easiest way is to use the Native Speech Recognition Plugin. Thanks a lot!