Ionic React - Can I use speech recognition plugins in project?

I am looking for a way to use speech recognition plugins in my project, but all I have found is for Angular / ReactNative projects. Is it possible to use this feature in Ionic React?

Obviously there is a way, using Ionic Cordova’s Speech Recognition Plugin :tada:

Full guide by DesignCourse

How can I “translate” NgModules in this example to React? The project need to have a similar .tsx file to app.module.ts? When I try to use this link example, I receive this following error:

Property ‘hasPermission/startListening’ does not exist on type ‘SpeechRecognition’.

My File:

import React from ‘react’;

import { IonContent, IonPage } from ‘@ionic/react’;

import { SpeechRecognition } from ‘@ionic-native/speech-recognition’;

import toastr from ‘toastr’;

import ‘…/…/toastr.min.css’;

class Contato extends React.Component<{}, { isRecording: boolean, color: string }>{

constructor(props: any, private speechRecognition: SpeechRecognition){


    this.state = {
        isRecording: false,

        color: 'green',


    this.start = this.start.bind(this);




    .then((hasPermission: boolean) => {

        if (!hasPermission) {



                () => console.log('Granted'),

                () => console.log('Denied')





start() {



        (matches: Array<string>) => {

            let resultado = matches[0];

            this.setState({ bgcolor: resultado });


        (onerror: any) => console.log('error:', onerror)




    return (



            <IonContent className="mt-5">

                <div className="mt-5">

                    <button className="btn btn-info" onClick={this.start}> Start</button>

                    <button className="btn btn-info" > Stop </button>







export default Contato;

I’m not sure what you did wrong, but try to follow this video!

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I’ve already watch this video and I only didn’t the Angular imports and command “ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-name”, when I try this command, the console show this error (then I install the plugin using the steps of link ):