Ionic continues speech recognition?

Hello All,

I used cordova-plugin-speechrecognition in my ionic app and this is working great no doubt.
But what we can do for continues listening so when-ever user say some command like ‘Hello something’ so we can Identify there words and proceed further.

Putting in loop I guess not a good idea cause in android we don’t have stopListening function or anything we can identify is listening already running or not.

Any suggestion would be help full thanks.

Hello All,
I came with my solution there is no way to use continue listening officially by plugin.
But we can use Recursion concept for make that happen.

 this.speechRecognition.startListening(option).subscribe((matches: Array<string>) => { 
    this.voiceArray = matches; 
    // Now we get what user said so we can call again for active start listening. 
  }, (onerror) => {
       console.log('Error::::', onerror);
       // Error occure when user does not say anything in that case we can call again.

Note: put all listening code inside start() function and call it. but you have to deal with that annoying beep sound continuously. for that you can use cordova audioManagment plugin(This will silent user device not a good for all time).

After this I am facing that annoying beep sound continuously, Not found any official solution yet!!