SourceMap not working

Sorry in advance for mentioning multiple issues below.

Recently when I move to ionic 6.0.14 I couldn’t able to get sourceMap in the browser for debugging. also, the debugger keyword isn’t working (not coming to debugger mode) when trying to use it in code. Also tried the launch.json file in vscode to try to run the debugger. but unfortunately, my break point showing unmount

I have tried different things mention on different sites. But none work for me. Please help with it, I can use console.log for debugging, but obviously not suitable for everything.

Package info

ionic cli 6.19.0
Ionic framework. 6.014
angular 13

capacitor cli 3.4.0
npm: 8.11.0

Note: recently I have moved to nvm for a different version of node. So, I don’t remember from which node version I had created my application. Right now npm install works for node 14. (I also have 16, and 18 as well)