How to debug .ts files when running Ionic4/Capacitor on Android emulator

Hi, I am running my sample Ionic4/Capacitor app from Android studio using the emulator.

I want to be able to debug the ts source, but when I open in chrome://inspect as I would normally, I just cannot see the ts files anywhere, just js.

I did find this post, , but using the second suggestion, ie

  1. To see the true original ts file while debugging on Android I patched angular cli source code (i have @angular/cli version 7.0.0) to use inline-source-maps webpack option. To do so I changed one line in node_modules/@angular-devkit/build-angular/src/angular-cli-files/models/webpack-configs/browser.js file
    sourcemaps = ‘eval’;
    sourcemaps = ‘inline-source-map’;

still didn’t work for me. Also would be better if we did not have to edit a file in node_modules?

At any rate, I need to run in emulator due to will be relying on SQLite a lot, but still need to debug the main app (ts files).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!