Debugging TypeScript with new Build Process


I’ve been trying to get my Ionic 2 project to debug and hit TS breakpoints. I’m using VS Code, and would ideally debug in that environment. That said, I also can’t get the TS to show up in Chrome when running ionic serve.

I created my project last week, which I assume used the Rollup build process. I’ve since updated my scripts per the 10/31 blog post suggestion, so I assume I’m now set up for Webpack 2.

In VS code my breakpoints continue to display Unverified Breakpoint, so I assume the TS sourcemaps aren’t being generated properly. Can someone explain a predictable set of steps needed to debug, ideally in VS Code? Do I need to mess with changing TS sourcemap settings? Where would the sourcemap files be generated if things are working properly? Do I need to run a certain command-line build process before debugging in VS Code?


Same issue. Tried modifying the webpack.config.js resolve/extensions to include .ts but it doesn’t work. Also running build with --dev, devtool is set to source-map, and of course sourceMap is true in the ts config.


I am facing the same problem
I posted this issue in another discussion

still waiting to get any help.


Seems to be an issue in ionic-app-scripts


Same problem =(…

Ionic CLI v2.1.4
nodejs 6
cordova 6.3.1
@ionic/app-scripts: 0.0.41