Some plugins are not found in ionic 6

I’m using ionic to build my app. Currently, the app developed in ionic 5 and working fine. But now I’m planning to upgrade from ionic 5 to ionic 6. In ionic 5 I have used two plugins

  1. Fingerprint AIO
  2. Contacts
    Now I’m reading the ionic 6 documentation I’m not able to find these two plugins. Please suggest me the solution or alternatives for these two plugins.

Thank you

Biometerics: GitHub - arielhernandezmusa/capacitor-biometric-auth
Contacts: GitHub - capacitor-community/contacts: Contacts Plugin for Capacitor

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Just because they don’t appear on the Ionic website doesn’t mean they don’t exist anymore, those plugins are not created by Ionic team nor maintained by them, Ionic docs just showed a few cordova plugins that had ionic-native wrappers.

ionic-native wrappers are now called awesome-cordova-plugins, check if there are still wrappers for those plugins on the project repository GitHub - danielsogl/awesome-cordova-plugins: Native features for mobile apps built with Cordova/PhoneGap and open web technologies. Complete with TypeScript support.