Ionic @awesome-cordova-plugins-admob-free Not Found

I try to install ionic 6 @awesome-cordova-plugins/admob-free its not running and throw given error:

That is expected since I don’t see the plugin listed as part of that project.

If it used to exist as part of the @ionic-native project, when the plugin wrappers were transitioned to the @awesome-cordova-plugins project some were removed as mentioned in this blog post.

Additionally, before sending this project to Daniel, we audited and removed a number of outdated and unmaintained plugins…

You can start a discussion here on the @awesome-cordova-plugins repo to request missing plugin wrappers.

I tried to install this one see the link please and screenshot too:


Like I mentioned, it’s not part of the @awesome-cordova-plugins list of plugins, so if you would like the author there to consider adding a missing wrapper you can start a discussion here.

I got the answer actually that plugin is not available but showing in chines language I don’t know why but I have installed capacitor plugin: “capacitor-community/admob” and its work perfectly.