Cordova contacts plugin alternative

Anyone is aware of an alternative to the Cordova contacts plugin, which is deprecated, to access, if the user is agree to, to the list of contacts of the device?

Capacitor doesn’t seems to have such a features yet. In an interesting answer was to have a look to the active forks of the original plugin

Doing so I found the fork which seems a bit active recently, but just a but. Earlier in 2018, like till May, seems that following fork has been active

Therefore I would still be happy to hear if there is a better solution than a fork

Seems also that my question has been addressed on the forum a couple of times, like Ionic Contacts Library or Contacts Plugin Deprecated?!

side note: just tested the deprecated plugin on a simulated iPhone XR and on my Android (v9) phone, worked fine. still, for maintaining reason this question is open

Yeah, Apache Cordova (where I am a PMC and committer) will not invest any more time into the plugin, and if you look at the issues on Github it seems to slowly break down already.

Personally I see that people have the need for this, but with very different feature sets, which is probably one of the reasons why nobody created a good, stable fork :frowning:

I am pretty sure there actually are loads of working forks, but nobody published their one yet but all keep them private. Loads of Cordova apps out there still work with contacts, and that is the only real explanation I have.

Let me know if I can help in any way here.

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@Sujan12 thx for confirmation, even if I had hope to hear something else :wink:

kind of crazy that no one stepped out to properly maintain the plugin more than one year after it was deprecated, specially a plugin which is download more than 5000 times a week according npm…sad word :disappointed_relieved:

also I was hoping that their might be an alternative somewhere out there, that was also the first idea of this post, but seems that there aren’t … but if someone has one for sure ping me

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Well, how much would you be willing to pay (one time licence, or monthly fee) for a maintained, fully tested and updated contacts plugin?

Not saying I would not pay but well I don’t know, I was just hoping that someone step up to maintain the plugin at least a bit as I do with the Facebook plugin

The fact is nobody did.

So I am trying to find out if there is actually a business case behind creating such a supported plugin. As I have no own business case to create the plugin myself, I need an external one.

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Ok I see, so spontaneously, in that case, I would say that could be cool, yes could be interested but if it’s a one time fee

Maybe something like EddyVerbruggen did with cordova-plugin-native-keyboard