[stencil] Question about using StencilJS with React

Hey folks

I was having fun creating a little component (https://github.com/zwacky/st-flippy). Since it’s built with stencil, it’s framework agnostic and I wanted to see how the examples work for some frameworks.

As i’m lacking JSX and react knowledge, I’m having problems integrating this component with react.
This is the current erroneous state: https://jsbin.com/qudiduqoyu/1/edit?html,js,output
Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Here are the other examples for reference:

This is an Ionic forum…???

Yeah… the new project of the ionic folks (stencil) does not have a dedicated place yet. Instead of annoying the repo maintainer, I hijack the ionic forums for this. not optimal, I know :confused: but will change in the future, I’m sure.

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Suspect it’s so abstract from regular Ionic it’ll probably need at least its own forum I guess.

Looking forward to see the project develop - suspect it’ll be the defacto for PWA sites.