[SOLVED] Splashscreen is not displayed ( RC0 )

Hello people,

I tell you the steps I follow:

  1. I think a basic project (tabs) and add the android platform.

  2. ionic resources (always from cache, I tried with ionic resources --clean-cache or ionic resources --ignore-cache)

  3. ionic run android

The app is launched with dark gray screen:

and in 2 seconds !! the app finishes loading:

Does it have to do with the plugin cordova and your version? ( cordova-plugin-splashscreen / 4.0.0 )

Any additional configuration is required?

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I had this problem in all my RC0 apps too but just had a look in my config.xml and noticed the new default splash screen values:

  <preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="0"/>
  <preference name="FadeSplashScreen" value="false"/>
  <preference name="FadeSplashScreenDuration" value="0"/>
  <preference name="SplashScreenBackgroundColor" value="0xFFFFFFFF"/>
  <preference name="SplashScreen" value="screen"/>

As you can see the splashScreenDelay is set to 0 so no splash screen will be displayed. Increase this number for e.g. 4000 for a 4 second splash screen or, if you load data in the background and want a better UX, add

to your config.xml and the splash screen won’t hide automatically. Then go to your Page where the magic happens and after all the stuff was loaded call


but don’t forget to import Splashscreen from ionic-native before :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much !!! :sweat_smile:

My question is whether they should not delete the following line of CLI:

<preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="0"/>

He assumed that into account. Anyway very grateful to clear my haze :blush: