[solved] Live Deploys and local dev: Build being overwritten

  1. Live deploys are setup with Master/Production channel at Version 1. UPDATE_METHOD is “auto”.
  2. I’m developing Version 2 locally and the changes I make are overwritten as the app fetches and installs Version 1 automatically.

This only happens in device/simulator and not through ionic serve, as Live Deploys doesn’t seem to trigger then.

It would be nice if it could detect that Version 2 is greater than Version 1, and not install anything. Anyone got this to work nicely?

Ok, I found out that my DEBUG flag wasn’t being set, so I fixed it by following this: https://github.com/mattlewis92/cordova-plugin-is-debug/issues/1#issuecomment-268229826

Now I get a Debug confirm asking if I want to update or not, which solves the case.

Hi, I got the same problem but your link is not working, could you update it or explain how to set this flag properly ?