Problem with Live updates (Ionic 5)

We have an Ionic project that we would like to publish in Google Play. However, we would like to install the Ionic deploy plugin in order to update the application on client’s devices easily. However, after installing the plugin the expected behavior is not met. I will now try to explain the steps I followed in order to give a good overview:

  1. Look at IonicPro Dashboard/Deploy/Destinations.
  2. Copy the installation instructions:
  3. Run the instructions in terminal:
    ionic deploy add
  4. I noticed that there is a message “Appflow deploy manifest written to ./www/pro-manifest.json”, however after I checked it turned out that there is no such file in the ./www directory. So, basically the only change of the installation is this line in the package.json file:

“cordova-plugin-ionic”: “5.4.7”

  1. I pushed the changes to IonicPro and build and .apk file there. Also installed the application on an Android device.
  2. I did some small HTML changes and pushed to IonicPro.
  3. Created a web build from last commit and assigned it to Production channel.
  4. Checked the app on the android device - changes are not there.

I would like to note that I tried the second alternative from the docs (installing cordova plugins) here: however this did not work out either.

Last but not least, following the steps above I created the .apk file myself using AndroidStudio but the result was the same - live update does not work.

I would appreciate if anyone has an idea what is causing the issue.