Live Deploy is not working as expected (Always Debug Mode)

Hi guys,

There are some issues with Live Deploy on my app.

I build the Ionic3 App with the --prod flag, but on start still shows the alert “Deploy: Debug - A newer version if this app is available…This warning only appears in debug builds”… also I get this alert after each start…if I click “Ignore” I have a very very old app version. If I update, i get the current version.

What can be the problem of this? Any ideas?

I’m having the same problem. Did you build in --debug mode?

Nope, I build in --prod mode…

i am seeing the same issue…
did you mange to solve it?

I am having the problem

Have you tried adding the --release flag?

any chance someone from the ionic team can give us some feedback on this. Thanks!

Update your package.json file, the build section…

"build": "ionic-app-scripts build --prod",
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that worked nicely. thanks!

I found that by removing the plugin cordova-plugin-ionic -which is the Ionic Pro extension for updating the app directly from source control, without submitting anew bundle- the dialog goes away.