[SOLVED] Issue in UIWebview and WKwebview for IOS submission

Hi guys, I face a very common issue but I am struggling to solve it even after doing my homework and research. It’s the UIwebview and WKwebview issue. I hope you can take your time and read my post because I really want to solve this issue.

One of the most useful blogs is this https://ionicframework.com/blog/understanding-itms-90809-uiwebview-api-deprecation/ posted by one of the ionic team member itself BUT I tried, it’s not working.

My condition:

I used capacitor to wrap my Ionic 4 project (which shouldn’t be a problem because cap uses WKwebview) HOWEVER, I use two Cordova plugins in my project which are the inappbrowser and sqlite storage. I know that this maybe the reason of why my app was rejected by appstore BUT, I checked, they are the latest versions and shouldn’t be the issue too. (In the blog link, they suggest to update to the latest version, which I did). BUT, app still got rejected by appstore.

Hence, is there any advice or suggestion any good samaritan can give me? I have been struggling for a long time and will be super appreciative if anyone gives me a quick idea.

Thank you so much for your time reading and thanks in advance for helping.

FIRST PIC: Email of appstore rejecting my app

SECOND PIC: They said in the blog to update to the latest versions of plugins. (which I already have)

THIRD PIC: Version of my both Cordova plugins




see https://github.com/ionic-team/capacitor/issues/2878#issuecomment-625405522

Thank you so much for replying. Looks like I have to remove cordova inappbrwoser and change to capacitor inappbrowser. What a pity.

what? did you read the link I provided? doesn’t say anything about that

Yes, i remove my Cordova inappbrowser and use capacitor api inappbrowser, now my app has been processed successfully and I can submit to appstore connect to review. Hence, Cordova inappbrowser has UIwebview, that’s what causing my app to gey rejected.

That’s not what I said, but yeah, it’s another option

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