Minimum versions of IOS and Android that Ionic 4 supports

I am about to migrate our current project from Ionic 3 to Ionic 4 (with Ionic cli 5 and Ionic UI library V4). However, our current Ionic project supports IOS 9 and Android 5.

I have a feeling that once the project has been upgraded, both IOS and Android users will have problem. So can anyone please let me know what are the minimum versions of IOS and Android that Ionic 4 supports?

Thanks very much in advance.

I don’t think Android runtime version and Android SDK version map so simply, but I think your official answer is Android 4.4 and iOS 10.

Thanks so much for the quick reply. By not mapping so simply, do you mean there might be multiple factors I need to consider before migration?

Can you please let me know what factors I will have to consider, like the Cordova plugins, pollyfills etc.? I can then understand and try to map what needs to be considered?


Nothing so elaborate. All I meant was that I thought you meant the runtime version, when you said “Android 5”, but then asked about the SDK version, which would be 21 for Lollipop. I was just saying that Android’s SDK version numbers don’t exactly track the OS version, as listed here.

Oh haha thanks for the clarification, it was my mistake, I should rephrase my question. thanks for pointing out