[SOLVED] How to get rid of the scroll-bar?


Hi guys,

I’m new to ionic and I am trying to find a best way to get rid of visible ‘scroll bars’. Native apps don’t really show scroll bars. I see them in ion-view app on my android phone and iPad

I have implemented ion-lists and each time I swipe to scroll the scroll bar becomes visible.

Anybody knows how to get rid of them?

Thanks, cheers

&::-webkit-scrollbar { 
    display: none; 

This might get you in the right direction. Scroll bars are difficult because hardly any browsers support this syntax to properly get rid of them. Can you screen shot what kind of bars you’re getting? A lot of iOS apps have the transparent bar that tells you where on the list you are.


Thanks North!
this is what I am getting - very ugly!

Should I add the css snippet to styles.css?

Scroll 2 columns of a grid on same page, every for its own


.scroll-bar {
visibility: hidden !important;

add to styles.css