How to show scroll bar?

Hello, I’m using ionic 2 and the scroll bar is always hidden, how can I show it?

I already have tried to use ion-scroll, overflow-scroll and css, but nothing worked

What are you looking for, scrollbar in the browser or on a specific platform?

In the browser it worked, but when I build and install on android or ios, the scrollbar is hidden and the user doesn’t know that there’s more content

Okay. I suppose hiding the scrollbar is intentional, since it’s behavior was jerky on some Android devices and it didn’t autohide quite well more in this post.

It also could be undocumented as well, but to my knowledge it isn’t in the docs yet… Did you already inspected the scroll-containers ‘live’ on a device through the inspector?

Just to add to this, on android, you really don’t see scrollbars from apps.

Aside from any issues performance/consistency, it’s not really something you see in native android apps.

You see them sometimes (I know some Dutch news apps that have scrollbars), but nonetheless… is it really necessary? Usually I just scroll downwards if I think there’s more content.

Google Contacts has a scrollbar, as has BubbleUPnP and other audio players.
For handling large lists, scrollbars can improve the UX a lot.

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Hi @eduardodemartiniroye, did you get any fix for this?? I am also having same issue. Need to show it in iOS and Android as well.

Hello. Any solution? Spent hours trying to show either the bar or some kind of “barrel css scroll effect”

Same problem here :frowning_face: Any solution?

For me I used in CSS:

::-webkit-scrollbar {
    width: 3px;
    background-color: white;
::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
    background-color: black;

to get a thin scroll bar for both x and y direction
It worked in my emulator. But for browsers you just have to add same style according to each browser’s format in CSS, I think