V4 hide scrollbar

Anyone found a way to hide the scrollbar with Ionic v4?

with v3 I was adding the following on content

::-webkit-scrollbar {
    display: none;

but that didn’t work anymore

and of course I don’t want to display to scrollbar, I mean I build a mobile app…

Are you seeing that issue on device? If so, which device?

I know they show up when I preview it locally on my computer, but I ignore it since that is an artifact of how I am seeing the app.

Thx some much for this input, I saw them locally on my computer (ionic serve, chrome debugger) with v4

I gonna try to build an app later on today and give a try on a real phone…

@ChrisGriiffith you are right I think. I tested on my iPhone 6s / iOS 11.4 and didn’t saw these toolbars…sounds good, finger crossed that it stays like this on all devices :wink:

thx for the help