Hide scrollbar of ion-content in ionic2

I’ve kept a div outside of my ion-content. This div is to be displayed at the right of the ion-content. The content in ion-content is scrollable. In android the scrollbar is hidden by default but in IOS it’s visible. I tried to set overflow-y:auto on .scroll-content class but it doesn’t work. Is there any trick to hide it but keep the scrollable feature.


From your description I cannot really picture what you are building. Can you post a screenshot or drawing?

Could you pls help me in this issue

If I could, I would answer your post. I have no idea how to do this.
But now at least someone else might have an idea because he actually knows what this looks like what you built.
(Some code might actually improve the chances to get this solved even more)

Thanks. I hope someone does help me


worked fine for me


Works great for me! Thanks!

Worked for me. :). Thank you.

Works great for me also.
Thank you so much.