Different app titles for different platforms

Hey all,

I am creating an app whose title is “L’autre LaM”. The problem is that, while iOS accepts the title, Android doesn’t because the apostrophe needs to be backspaced. However, when I backspace it in the field of config.xml, iOS complains that backspace is allowed. So I need something like

<name>L'autre LaM</name>

for iOS and

<name>L\'autre LaM</name>

for android, both in the same config.xml. The package names are the same for both (fr.ensemble101.audioguide). Thanks in advance for any help!

I’m interested, could you find any solution yet?

try: <name>L&#39autre LaM</name> or <name>L\u0027autre LaM</name>

I Just wanted to let you know that the unicode solution \u0027 works, and the html solution &#39 does not

So if anyone else bumps into this problem. Use the unicode solution mentioned by @leogz