After update to beta-14 Navbar isn't at the bottom of screen


I’ve update the ionic-framework to the version v1.0.0-beta.14.
Now the nav-bar isn’t anymore at bottom. It’s display somewhere else.
Even if i create a new project with “ionic start myProject” then the navbar is display on the upper side of screen.
The problem only occurs on device( android 4.4.2).
If i serve the example in browser everything seems to be ok.
I think thats a bug in the new version?


It’s expected, not a bug.

You can override those settings in your config method with:

$'ios'); //even if you're on android
$ionicConfigProvider.tabs.position('ios'); //even if you're on android

to get the same behavior than in iOS, where the tabs are at the bottom.


i’ve tried it.
Now everything is ok.
thank you very much for you fast reply.