Slidebox, bottom div and different heigths

Hi there,

I have an ionic app with a slidebox. The issue is that the slides are not always having the same height and I cannot predice the max height before of data binding. So, I thought to calculate the max height of the slides to apply, via javascript, that height to the bottom divs whenever the view is loaded. The point is that as soon as the controller is ‘loaded’ the height is not defined yet. I attached an screenshot to illustrate it

What would be the best solution?

Thanks you!

You could try this

Or something like this

I made a Codepen with the issue, but instead of img are divs as you can imagine. If you scroll to bottom the first slide, when you slide to the second one you can see that annoying white space. That is what I try to avoid

This is interesting but as you see when the image is not long i mean the height of image is small, theres white space between the footer and image .

Is there a way i can slide the white space too to change the slide ? or may be attach the footer at the end of image as per the height of image ??

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