Ion-slide-box dynamic slides height issue ionic 1


Hi Everyone

I m having some issue regarding height of slides which are generating dynamically by ng-repeat(content of each slide is also dynamically generating). Every slide is getting height of highest slide height among all slides. I want every slide to get its original height rather than highest height. I have used $ionicScrollDelegate.resize() and $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update(). Even with $timeout. But i didn’t work. If anyone know how to resolve this please help.
Thanks in Advance



Hi @thesourav

Thanks for reply,I have already tried this but it will work only when your content of each slide is fixed(like you have 1000px,400px,1200px). As i said my content of each slide is variant so $ionicScrollDelegate.resize() is not working for me. Do you have any other solution for this?


hello @kLalit have you found solution? i also suffer with this problem and not found solution yet please help me.


Hello @hariomtech, i have not found any ideal solution yet. But i did one little trick that works fine for me.
Whenever i changes the slide i am just reducing content of prev slide(by using limit to filter in ng-repeat) so slider takes current slide height rather than maximum height of slide. This is a bit hard to explain. Hope this would help you. Let me know if you have any trouble to understand this.