Slide-box with different slide heights


After a lot of research, I’ve not found a solution yet.
The problem seems trivial: a slidebox with 3 slides, each loading dynamic content.
Obviously, each slide will have it’s own (dynamic) height.

There’s no problem with the dynamic height of slides (adding elements increase the height of the slidebox) but I want each slide to have it’s OWN height.
At the moment, each slide gains the height of the major of the 3 slides.

Tried $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update() (which have been removed from latest nightly) and even $ionicScrollDelegate.resize() after each slideChange, with no luck.

Any ideas?

Get the height of a div without Jquery

I made a workarround…

everytime when slide changed, I get the height of the new slide and put the height with jquery to the .scoll class … works perfekly…

In every I have a div with class slide1, slide2 etc etc so here my workarround for all of you who cant find solution like me in this forum.

var index = $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.currentIndex();
var height = $(".slide"+index).css(“height”);
$(".scroll").css(“height”, height);