SlideBox as carousel

Is there an API for SlideBox so you can set it to automatically scroll to next slide every n milliseconds?

Just noticed slideBox has 'doesContinue’
which looks like sets ‘continuous’

What is this for?

ionic.views.Slider has this:

// setup auto slideshow
var delay = || 0;
var interval;

function begin() {
  interval = setTimeout(next, delay);

how do you set

Done a bit of hacking and this seems to be doing the trick


    scope: {
      doesContinue: '@',
      auto: '@',
      showPager: '@',
      onSlideChanged: '&'
        auto: $scope.$eval($ || 0,
        continuous: $scope.$eval($scope.doesContinue) === true,


<slide-box show-pager="true" does-continue="true" auto="5000">

Hey @ajmercer, sorry for the delay. I’ll get this into the repo, thanks much!

cool - thanks @max

Next thing to add would be ‘tap’ to stop

Cool, this is in master now. How would you envision the tap to stop working? Do you have any examples? Would it be a “hold” to stop?

with the new sliderBox, I just downloaded, it seems a manual flick stops the auto scroll (iPhone 5)