Ionic 1.2.1: any documentation about <ion-slides>?

I’m new to both Ionic and AngularJS, I just updated to Ionic 1.2.1 and how to set my to auto-play?
The documentation is not updated yet:

Besides, there is a scroll bar after I updated to 1.2.1:

auto-play=true should work, for the scroll bar try out the scrolling options on ion-content.

<ion-slides options="options" slider="slider" auto-play="true">

is not working

and I tried this in my controller:

app.controller("SlideBox", function($scope, $ionicSlideBoxDelegate){

$scope.options = {

loop: true,
autoplay: true



but it seem does not has any interval and when I clicked it it will stop playing:

Is there any reason why you are not using this format?

<ion-slide-box> <ion-slide>1</ion-slide> <ion-slide>2</ion-slide> </ion-slide-box>

I can’t seem to find ion-slides or ion-slide-page in the documentation for v1.2.

I did however find it in the v2 documentation, either update to v2, or use the code I provided above (which I recommend).

well, because of this issue:

I’m waiting for the doc to be updated as well. Not sure how to make it work right now…

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