Wrap around slide box


When using the slide box, once you reach the last slide we can no longer continue sliding. Is there some way to add a wrap around functionality, so that once I reach the last slide, further swipes in the same direction lead me to the first slide.


Add this to the slide-box directive


The description of does-continues in the docs is a bit strange.

It says; “Whether the slidebox auto-plays, in a slide-show fashion”. What does this mean? Does it loop through on its own at a fixed speed? The phrase “auto-plays” is throwing me off.

I had this same issue to and talk to @tim about it. You can check it out here

Basically what happened is that does-continue enables the slide box to automatically cycle through slides and loops through them continuously. So if you had a slide box with three slides, it would auto-play them and once it reached the last slide, start back at the beginning.

I think there was some confusion about what does-continue should mean, and I’m not sure what the guys are doing with it now, but I think that the main concern is to get things ready for 1.0 Beta.

Hmm. The current options are a little weird. It seems that wrap and auto-scroll really should be two separate options. does-continue isn’t super intuitive as a name to do what it’s currently doing. I’d like to +1 having a wrappable slide-box that doesn’t auto scroll.

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