Slidebox with infinite scroll slide

I’m looking for a mechanism where each slide in a slidebox has it’s own independent pull-to-refesh and infinite scroll. Any thoughts?


This kind of functionality is part of a slide-box rework that we have in the process.


Any timeframe mike.
Any other goodies in the pipeline like this. You guys just cant sit still which is great for all of us

Just a heads up, this landed in the nightly builds today,

Would you guys be able to test stuff out?

Yes, any specific documentation of the feature change? I’m assuming it is in the nightly doc?

Has anyone got a shot at trying multiple slides each with an infinite-scroll inside?

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Ok, being able to write a simple CodePen to show the problem.
Long story short, having an infinite-scroll inside the slide of a SlideBox seems making the on-infinite method being invoked continuously, not just when the “distance” percentage is reached. (look at the javascript console, there’s a $log.log printing whenever the method gets invoked)

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is it even supported?

@Vargash @andy I also have the infinite scroll problem in slidebox. Hope this will soon be fixed!

any fix about this? i’m having same issue with ionic 1.3.1 i can’t put ion refresher and infinite scroll with slide box! any one can help me, please?