Slide menu project issue

Hi All,

Sorry, I am going to ask question regarding windows platform. which is officially not supporting…

Basic Slide menu project is not working in windows phone8. I am able to see any page content. It is displaying blank screen.
I checked. I found …

.state('app.languages', {
                        url: "/languages",
                        views: {
                            'menuContent': {
                                templateUrl: "templates/language.html",
                                controller: 'LanguagesCtrl'

Due to menuContent it is not redirecting .

Can any one help me to resolve the issue?

Just to make sure, can you put this in a codepen? Is the default project working?

No, Default slidemenu project is Not working. But Default Tab project is working…

Hmm, can you make an issue for this. I can;t sat for sure that it will be fixed since we don’t have support for WP8, but we can keep track of it when we start to focus on windows.


But Default tab project is working. … I think there is a issue with routing in wp8. I tried templateUrl and controller put in out side menuContent. In this case routing is working.

But Following case routing is not working…

'menuContent': {
         templateUrl: "templates/language.html",
        controller: 'LanguagesCtrl'

Can you put together a sample of this and throw it on github? I have a WP8 testing device and can give it a shot

Hi @mhartington

There is no need to put code in github. Because, I checkout simple project using ionic start myApp sidemenu and added wp8 platform. I did not change any code and run on device. It is not working… :frowning:

Maybe you forgot to load/include your LanguagesCtrl?
I’ve got blank pages, if the controller is not included/loaded correctly.

I do not think, that ui-router makes differences between IE, FF, Chrome, …


It is working in android…But Not windows phone…

Correct, WP8 shouldn’t make a difference to ui-router. But there could be some protocol handling errors.

Similar to this in FFos

Basically you would have to add this in your config function.

.config(['$compileProvider', function($compileProvider) {

this solution did not help.
I have a black screen

Which platform are you using??

I use windows phone 8.1 on nokia lumia 630
on android 4.0 and ios 7.0-8.0 i have no such problems

Look at the following link…