Situations in which ionic 2 apps could arguably be released

I know the professional advise is to hold off developing with Ionic 2 until a stable version is released, but please consider the following scenario:

I will be developing an app for a client over the next 6 months (part time). Even though I did some Ionic 1 tutorials - coming from a java android background, the latest Ionic 2 seems far more intuitive to me.

The app will have login, quite a few forms, and write/read data to a DB - nothing more fancy than that. Also, I will be getting a regular ‘app maintenance fee’ after the 6 month period - so I can update the app as the situation requires.

It seems to me that I wouldn’t be taken too great a risk developing in Ionic 2 in this situation. I would love to hear people’s thoughts on that.

This guy already released an app to the play store, so why not…

We are creating a production ready app with Ionic 2. Our thought is by the time we get to production, the RC1 or final version of Angular 2 and Ionic 2 will be out. Currently though, we are stuck on items we already posted on this forum. Until we can build, the developers will have to take a day off and go to the beach. :)grinning:

Note: Angular 2 Beta 3 was released 4 days ago and the number of breaking changes seems small so might be stabilizing.

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I would go for it. I’ve built two apps (admittedly for internal use only within our organisation) but everything has gone pretty smoothly. I think your 6 month timescale reduces the risk even further. I’d certainly stick with Ionic 2.

I find it hard to believe… there was lots bugs when i was release it to app store?..

It was on the webpage if you linked it. Just ask the author if he was lying or not.

We released too.

I did my hybrid app with our site is completely on Ionic2 beta.8 (Angular2 base)

I did some optimizations and got 417ms loading time.
Look at report!/DW6Td/
Also Site size decreased 600% (3Mb -> 500 Kb)
User interaction response speed improved 2000% (2 seconds -> 100ms)

Good recommendations:

I’ll post all my gulp settings and link to appstore here:

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