Sign app ios built with ionic

Hi guys,

this is the first time I do a simply ios app with ionic framework. It’s a very simple app does photos and shows them in a list (It’s a very basic app to learn ionic).

I read a lot of articles and questions open here, about my issue, but I seriously don’t understand where the issue is. I simply have my ionic project, I built the project for ios and in the end opened the .xcodeproj in xcode application on my mac. Then I connected my real device and tried to run the project. The build fails due 3 issues in the following pictures. I attach also some piece of screen in order to understand you if some settings are wrong in my side. My xcode version is Version 9.2 (9C40b)

Please there is someone that can help me step by step to solve these issues? I am struggling but I am not able to solve it :frowning:


As it says, you are using something that won’t work with the automated Xcode managed profile. You will have to create a provisioning profile yourself manually in the Apple Developer Console website and then download the profile in Xcode, and set it manually to be used when building the app.

You can get rid of the aps-environment error if you click on the Capabilities tab and activate Push Notifications.

Keep in mind that I am deploying my app on a real device but in debug (maybe I wasn’t clear).
To create a provisioning profile, I guess that I have to pay, and for now I don’t.

Then I would guess - but this is just a guess, no idea if this is the real problem - you can’t use the push notification entitlement for your app.

In my xcode I don’t have this option, it is in the other subtab. Anyway it doesn’t solve my issue. It was a package wrong