Push notifications not working on ios when building with ionic command

When I build my app with ionic run ios -lc, I get the error message:

console.error: EXCEPTION: Uncaught (in promise): Error: - no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application"

But when I build with xcode, I do not get this error and my push notifications are working just fine…

I tried several things, like removing and adding the ios build…
Recreating the provisioning profiles and certificates from this tutorial: http://docs.ionic.io/services/profiles/
I tried all code signing identities from the build settings in xcode…
I changed the app id in config.xml and removed the numbers, because with numbers I could not create the certificates…
I switched on the push notifications option in xcode>capabilities and also the remote notifications…

I think its something with the ionic build settings, but I don’t know where to look.

Can someone help me out?

were you able to get it working in your Android build? Despite my best efforts, I have been unable to get it to work at all.

Yes, I got this working on the android simulator. Did not test this on an actual device though.

very nice! Did you get it working as is? or did you make any changes?

For Android the tutorial was enough… but not for IOS :frowning:

I have the same issue, but only since upgrading to xcode 8.3. Before that everything worked fine and I just followed the cloud push guides.

I have also tried this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39554177/xcode-8-the-aps-environment-entitlement-is-missing-from-the-apps-signature-on, but it makes no difference.

Anyone else experienced this?