Client Deployment: How to Build Android and xCode projects locally and then share with a client for deployment

I have to deploy an Ionic app from my client’s account. My client will have the accounts for iTunes and Google Play.

I think I am just going to share the repository with the client so they can build the xCode project and Android project locally and then sign it as themselves.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for doing this? Is there a way I can build locally and then share the built files with my client?


Did you get this solved?

Not specifically. Ended up helping my client build the project on their machine. Was looking for a more elegant solution considering they were a client but it was fine. I recommend focusing on the confix.xml file and the package.json file. Make sure those are perfect and then sharing the project isn’t too bad. Wish I could be more helpful.


Do you know if its possible to send the platform/ios folder to some to open and run simulator to create small video showing progress?

I think it is possible but the signing certificates to use the simulator might throw a build error. Someone with more knowledge could weigh in on specifics.

yes, it is, just verified, he has apple dev. so he just reprovisioned it for his cert wha-la

works fine, last long time, drains to the bilge.

Great! Hope I helped.