Show MP4Video into my ionic 7 capacitor app

my app user can view a video which is returned from my backend server. I can’t use YouTube or other video streaming platforms. How can I implement this functionality? Is there anything ionic provides to make management easier?


I would just use a HTML/JS video library.

I currently use Plyr is being rewritten to so maybe start with that. I haven’t switched because we embed YouTube which hasn’t been finished yet.

Thanks @twestrick. Could you please share a small tutorial? How do I use the library in ionic? Does my server need to implement some video streaming service or is it sufficient to return the mp4 file?

mp4 is supported. There are examples and demos on the repo - GitHub - sampotts/plyr: A simple HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo player

Perfect, thanks. I’ll read the documentation. Just one question, how can I implement webserver? Can I publish simple mp4 file?

Yes, you can just serve the mp4 file from a webserver though a CDN is probably better :sweat_smile:

I can’t found ionic integration tutorial. Have you other reference?

There is nothing specific to Ionic for implementation.