How to play youtube videos with capacitor-video-player

Hello! I am new in Ionic and I’m trying to implement a video player with capacitor-video-player but it’s not working. I need to play youtube videos in full-screen! if anyone can give me any advice i’d thank you so much! i’ve been working on this too many days already :pray:

I found this tutorial very usefull if somene need it. It works very well but not for youtube videos

Thanks a lot!

I have not used that plugin but currently use an HTML player successfully - (soon to be replaced by My mantra is to stick with the HTML tech stack and only jump down to native when absolutely necessary.

If you want help with the Capacitor plugin, you will need to share some additional details. What have you tried, what does your code look like, etc. Hopefully someone familiar with the plugin can help.

First at all thanks for replying. I’ll follow you advice with those options

Let me show a piece of my code. In the first instance it works for when the link is of the type shown in the green box, but not for YouTube videos. I was changed the “type” field into “youtube” or “yt” or even installing @type/youtube cuz i read something about that in some formus but it still doesn’t play the video. I don’t have a specific error, it’s just that the video doesn’t play from YouTube. btw the url from de youtube video is ok

From this GitHub issue, YouTube videos aren’t supported - Youtube embedded videos are not playing · Issue #32 · jepiqueau/capacitor-video-player · GitHub.

@type/youtube is just the TypeScript definition for the YouTube library so that’s not going to do anything for you functionality wise.