Video streaming on Ionic app

Hi everyone !

I try to implement a way to watch video in streaming, in my app. This app work with a raspberry, and the video comes from USB Webcam on the raspberry.

I tried different plugin from ionic to watch it, StreamingMedia, VideoPlayer and also just with HTML. But with plugin the video load and close, but anytime i can watch something, and with html is a broken file.

And i’m sure my video is working fine. I tried to put an another video not in streaming nothing happen too.

Did you know a way to process ??
Thanks :wink:

I am unsure if this is the right answer but have faced some “webcam” “live stream” issues in my past.

If your video output is rtmp format, you will require an rtmp player to play it.

the video file in the pi is “avi”, in the browser i can view it with http, may be i need to change the protocol to watch it ?

The problem is that there are many browsers. Video is hard for hybrid programming, because there are so many platforms to think about. To the extent you can use the HTML5 video tag, that’s by far the easiest.

Ok and i don’t try natives plugins so !
So i’m going to try it, and notice you if it’s right :wink: