Plying video issue

I am uploading the video into my server and those videos i want to play into my app
How can i do that. please guide me anyone

Use this plugin . It is working both on Ios and android . I am also using this .

can you share your code please.

check link and install plugin . add it in module.ts and in ur ts file . then use it.

actually i didn’t understand it .if you give me your code the i would be thankful to you

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actually i want to do like this.

Please help me anyone.

install this from cmd by running command

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-streaming-media
npm install --save @ionic-native/streaming-media

THen add it in your app.module.ts file

 providers: [ ... ,StreamingMedia,]   and import it there .

Then move to that file where you want to call that function . in html use click function like

** <div (click)=“playvideo()”>**
then move ts file and call function

public playvideo(){
let options: StreamingVideoOptions = {
successCallback: () => { console.log(‘Video played’) },
errorCallback: (e) => { console.log(‘Error streaming’) },
orientation: ‘landscape’
this.streamingMedia.playVideo(url, options); //here url is for video url

or you can simply use Vimeo.
Upload your video to Vimeo and get iframe embed tag.
It will work just fine and Vimeo video player is very stable.

If I want to play from my own server. is it possible ?

then try this Videogular 2:

It can play local files with a customizable player.

or you can try Video.js framework to build your own player:

To be honest, I wish Ionic ships with its own video player which anyone can easily customize.
Ideally, something like ion-video would be great…

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Hi, I have built this Video Playlist and it’s available in Ion2FullApp ELITE. As @jamesharvey suggests we also use videogular2 and works excellent.

Yes… check videogular sites and learn about videogular…

Can you give me a example of code.

Check this link. It works really well on Ionic 3.
I think Videogular2 is the best video player for local files… it’s very stable.

already shared code . It is so simple and i have already shared steps to do it .

I have implemented the same in iOS. video playing is working fine. But when i call this function before starting the video, i am getting no callback. anyone faced same issue?

how do i access local video ? my video is assets/videos/xxx.mp4