Show-delete does not work within modal

i am not sure this is caused due to content being in a modal; but it worked when it wasn’t

i have this line:

<ion-list ng-if="navViewName == 'tab-favorites'" can-swipe="true" show-delete="{{showDelete}}">

and a button in nav bar flips showDelete correctly; but ion-delete-button does not show.

also, if i statically set show-delete=“true”; then the delete buttons do show.

full code seen here:

Plunker its incomplete and I cant check, but try


without {{ }} because I think it is not needed.

P.D: Also in ng-click

makes no sense that it shouldnt be wrapped in {{}} as it is a variable; but little in ionic makes sense to me… lol

and yes, that works (was sure i tried that)… thank-you.

From what i know, the brackets are used for AngularJS variables, wich you put outside a tag thing, like < some tag > {{this.variable}}
As for Ionic, it uses angular’s directives (i could be wrong), but you use the Ionic variables inside a tag, like < some tag variable="this.variable" >
I don’t know if it is exactly like this, but from what i have been using on Ionic and Angular, i work with that syntax mostly…