Can't access shouldShowDelete since beta 14


I used to have a code like this:

  	<ion-nav-buttons side="left">
    	<button class="button-icon icon ion-trash-a" ng-click="shouldShowDelete = !shouldShowDelete"></button>
    <ion-list show-delete="shouldShowDelete">
    	<ion-item ng-repeat="(control, data) in controldata" class="item-icon-left item-button-right item-icon-right" ng-class=" ? '' : 'deactivated'">
    		<ion-delete-button ng-click="deleteControl(control)" class="ion-minus-circled"></ion-delete-button>

Since the new beta I had to move the ion-nav-buttons out of the ion-content to show them. The problem now is that changing the shouldShowDelete with the nav button doesnt affect the shouldShowDelete variable in the list.

Does anyone has ideas on this?

Thank you guys