How to enable ng-click on ion-item while ion-delete-button is show?


I use ion-list like in the example at
I’m trying to hide the ion-delete button if the user click the ion-item (before running the callback for ng-click)

here is part of my code:


             <ion-item ng-repeat="item in myCtrl.list" class="item icon-right"
                       ng-click="myCtrl.showDelButton=false; myCtrl.myFunction(item);">

                 // more html...

                 <ion-delete-button class="ion-edit" ng-click="myCtrl.onDelClick(item)">


However the ion-item isn’t clickable while the ion-delete-button is show.
So how can I make the ng-click inside the ion-item to work while the ion-delete-button is show ???